We get asked to match a wide variety of objects. Normally this might be a flake of discontinued paint or a scrap of wallpaper etc. However, over the years items ranging from a pub sign, to a Victorian stable door, a set of Tibetan prayer flags and a dog lead have been brought in for matching. Although we have been doing this by eye for over fifty years, we were one of the first to employ spectrophotometry to ensure complete accuracy and since 1995 have developed unrivalled expertise in this work.

When we match a colour, it is given a unique reference number and added to our database of several hundred thousand colours particular to us. Every day new colours are added to the collection. The spectrophotometric profile of the colour is stored and can be recalled at any future date. Our colours are formulated to satisfy most lighting condition such as daylight, tungsten, fluorescent and many other forms.

In addition to colour-matching in the shop, we can also colour-match on site. This is especially useful when the client wants a seamless match for an existing decorative scheme or when there are multiple colours involved.  It usually works out far cheaper and quicker to ask us to measure a colour rather than to try multiple sample pots or to repaint the whole room.

If you bring your item into the shop for a colour reasonably close to it, and one that can be found amongst the many thousands in our database, there is no charge. If you require a specially formulated colour we charge £40 (plus VAT) for carrying out the work.  This is a one-off payment that is added to the cost of the paint. You can re-order the colour at any time and in any finish and will pay only for the paint.

If you require a specialist to come and measure colour at your site then consultancy rates and travel expenses (where necessary) will apply. Please telephone us on 020 7352 8626 or email to discuss.

As well as creating new colours, we have an enormous collection of reference material ranging from 19th century paint colour cards, to obsolete or foreign ones. Customers frequently ask us for something that might be relevant for their 1930s flat or 18th century country house, for example.